Tools to Change Your Blogging Game

Tools and services that I recommend every content creator use.

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The Complete Blog Management Planner

Every blogger needs a process in order to nail down routines, eliminate distractions and get into solid work flows that produce results.  Kim shares her very own system in this workbook including:

  • Instruction Guide
  • Weekly Content Planning Sheet
  • Monthly email Content Planning
  • Blog Post Publication Checklist
  • Weekly Batch Blogging Plan
  • Monthly Goal Setting and Tracking
  • Project Due Date Tracker
  • Big Idea Brainstorming Page
  • What I Learned this Month Reflection Page
  • 90 Day Strategic Goal Planner Worksheet


ConvertKit Email Marketing Service

Email marketing is every pro bloggers key to success.  Having an email service that was designed with bloggers in-mind rather than every business under the sun makes your life easier and more efficient!  I've been using Convertkit for years and they just keep getting better! 

Starting at $29.00 per month! 




If I could turn back time I would have started off on my own self-hosted site.  Instead I was on a free blogging site and had to move everything over.  Paying for hosting is a small price to pay to actually own your website.  If you use free blog platforms it's like building your house on someone else's land and if they decide to boot you- you lose years of work. 

For only $3.95 per month you can own your own website and domain!

$3.95 per month


Elite Blog Academy

This is THE COMPREHENSIVE blogging course created by Ruth Soukup of Living Well Spending Less that every single blogger needs to take.  This is NOT an exaggeration. It teaches you step-by-step how to create a thriving business from your blog and brings you into a community of highly successful bloggers.  Stop trying to glean tons of information online and just walk through this one course.

The course opens only one time a year for about 7 days so the BEST thing you can do is join the wait list and get some cool freebies in the meantime.​

Core Affiliate Strategy 

Rosemarie Groner of the Busy Budgeter created this strategy of email affiliate sales and it was a game changer for me.  I had a very hard time trying to figure out how to weave affiliate sales into emails until I used this detailed, step by step guide and now it comes easy! 

If providing value to your email list via affiliate sales is hard for you to tackle, this system will bring clarity, actionable advice and if you're like me, it will increase you income.




This company was started by two blogging attorneys, Jamie Lieberman and Danielle Liss.  They saw a need for legal forms, contracts, courses and legal services for the world of online content creation that is very hard to find anywhere else.  

If you need one-on-one legal advice from people who understand the world of online content creation visit their legal site Hashtag Legal.

On their site you'll find for $10 and up:

  • Privacy Policies & Disclaimers ( Fitness, Legal & Medical)
  • Sponsorship Contract Templates
  • Independent Contractor & Non Disclosure Agreements
  • Assignment of rights, Content License Agreement, Fitness Liability and Waiver

Prices vary based on the product but start around $10.