Aug 24

4 Legal Things All Bloggers Should Know About

By Kim Anderson | Podcast

Legal stuff bloggers need to know

In today’s episode I interviewed Jamie Lieberman who started two companies, Hashtag Legal and Businessese.  In this episode Jamie clarifies Copyright, Trademarks, Privacy Policies and disclosures! I really hope that you find this episode super helpful. If you have been looking for some of your own DIY legal forms with blogging here are a few […]

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Jul 12

Ditching the “I Can’t” Mindset

By Kim Anderson | Podcast

If you regularly start your sentences with the words, “I can’t” then you are crushing your ability to get momentum before you even get started.  In today’s episode I tackle the top 3, “I can’t” responses that I hear on a regular basis.  I’m pretty sure this episode is going to seriously boost your confidence in […]

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Sep 01

5 Tips For Publishing Fiction on Amazon

By Kim Anderson | Writing

Kindle Direct Publishing has opened so many doors that previously were closed to would be amateur authors. In the past, your work would have to be pitched to a number of publishers. The only guarantee would be to go to one of the many vanity publishers who would charge an arm and a leg to get your work out there. Now, with little effort and no cost, you can get your work in front of millions of potential readers. The question that I had was how to get started.

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Apr 29

How To Start A Blog From Scratch

By Kim Anderson | Blogging

So you’ve heard about this whole blogging thing and you think you want in. There are tons of resources on starting a blog but you just aren’t sure where to start. It’s really easy to do, you just have be willing to learn as you go. Here are my top recommendations for what do to when you want to start a blog from scratch.

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