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Coaching Services

Kim Anderson offers coaching services to online content creators that need help in the following areas:

  • New Blogger Coaching
  • Monetization Strategy Building
  • 12 Week Goal Coaching
  • Brand & Audience Clarity
  • Website Audits and Assessments
  • Advanced Online Business Coaching

Live Workshops

There are times when being an online content creator can be downright overwhelming.  So many people making so many online courses that you can get paralysis of analysis. But sometimes you just need to learn one skill at a time and interact with a human being- even it's online.  

Kim has developed regular online live courses in an interactive online classroom.  Check out all Kim's upcoming live online workshops.  Classrooms are limited to 25 students at a time!   


Looking for a weekly dose of blogging adrenaline?  Check out Kim's weekly blogging podcast and blog archive...

  • Blogging
  • Podcast
  • Marketing
  • Writing


I understand that content creators get overwhelmed with all the moving parts that are involved in starting, developing and sustaining a profitable online business.  My goal is to get down to the root of your greatest content creation problems and make them look and feel easy.  I have 9 years of consulting experience to help you grow based on your own unique way of learning, organizing and processing information.


Shawn StoneYoutuber/Blogger

"I had a chance to sit down with Kim and talk about my goals and focus for my online business. She helped me in so many ways, but one thing she really helped me with was finding my core audience so that I can focus on delivering relative content. Now, I feel better about where my business is headed. Thanks, Kim!"

Stone and Sons Workshop 

Kalyn BrookeBlogger

"Anytime I struggle with direction in my online business, Kim is right there, encouraging me to think about BOTH passion and profit. She drills down to the heart of the issue to make sure I'm earning income doing what I love, not just what I *think* I should be doing. I also love her ideas!! Kim is so creative and can come up with dozens of ideas on how to connect with any niche. She's the blogging bestie everyone needs!"

Creative Savings Blog

Tania GriffisBlogger

Kim has the uncanny ability to hear a story or a problem and find solutions that make sense and are easy to implement quickly. In working with her, she took a business problem I had been struggling with for over a year, and within 10 minutes she gave me series of solutions that I had never considered. I implemented and they work! She is kind, warm, trustworthy and completely strategically brilliant—I highly recommend working with her!

Run to Radiance